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Why Choose BRJ?

BRJ is helping match today's potential with tomorrow's opportunities through highly effective and successful employment initiatives and trainings for young male and female job seekers.

Job Seekers

Get jobs, guidance and skills

  • Direct Recruitment

    Placements via Job Portal and & Job Centres.

  • Gainful Skills

    Career counselling, employment-driven training.

  • Equal Opportunity

    Comparable hire ratios for men and women.


Discover and engage talent

  • The Right Fit

    Skilled/unskilled, full or part-time, male & female.

  • Quality Manpower

    Large pool of skilled, educated candidates.

  • Employer Support

    From finding to hiring candidates and more.

Our Values

At Bab Rizq Jameel, we believe in bringing about a positive change to the lives of promising young men and women who seek a new beginning or an opportunity to grow in their careers through a range of effective employment and training programs and initiatives that ultimately result in creating jobs.

Success stories

I realize the importance of the role this service has played in being sincere in providing diverse job opportunities.

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Elevator Mechanic, Al-Madinah Al-Monawarah

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Test Image

I was guided to approach Bab Rizq Jameel which helped me support my family and relieve them of some of life’s heavy burdens.

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Receptionist at Al-Dar Hospital, Al-Madinah Al-Monawarah

I discovered that BRJ was one of the many community initiatives by Abdul Latif Jameel.

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Salesperson, Jeddah

I got what I wished for when the Direct Recruitment Program officer told me that an accountant position was available at a local store.

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Accountant, Jazan

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Feeling blessed! #ThanksBRJ for helping me find the best job yet in my career. Nam volutpat euismod urna. Mauris efficitur tempus ullamcorper. Donec mattis sagittis rhoncus.
Ali MohammedLandscape Engineer, Middle East Outdoors
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John SmithSoftware Engineer, Flip
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Jo SmithAccountant, Demo Company

Job seekers successfully placed since from 2003-2013

Direct Recruitment

Program provided 16,577 jobs to men & 12,197 to women

50% YoY growth

BRJ declared 50% YoY growth in placements since 2013