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BRJ For Employers With an achievement of placing more than 490,000 job seekers in 12 years and access to a vast database of candidates, BRJ has all the resources to help employers find the right talent.

Our VisionOur Vision

To be the all-important link between employers and job seekers in the MENAT region.

Started in 2003 as a job creation initiative by our parent company Abdul Latif Jameel, BRJ is a part of Community Jameel. Our mission is to help bridge the gap between the region's vast pool of educated, unemployed job seekers and employers across Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey.BRJ is aware that simply offering a platform for job openings was not enough for young and aspirational job seekers, many whom needed training to take advantage of employment offers.

It is in this context that BRJ stepped in to develop specialist skill training programs to help create employable talent. The training programs help young men and women sharpen their skills in areas required by the job market, paving the way for them to find meaningful employment in the private sector. Training courses conducted during 2015 included mechanical, electrical, welding engineering and many other professional skills.In addition to helping job seekers find employment with the private sector, BRJ collaborates with the Saudi Arabia government and public sector towards helping provide job opportunities across sectors and industries.

For employers, the combined result of our initiatives towards training, counselling and placing candidates online through our website and on-ground through a network of 500 'BRJ Employment Centres', is an immense database of skilled, educated and aspirational young men and women.Comprising both, male and female candidates, BRJ is in a strong position to offer employers, access to a talent pool of registered job seekers with a wide range of skills, experience, academic qualifications and career goals.

Our Objectives

  • Provide access to a multi-channel, ever-growing database of registered job seekers compiled from our website, a network of 500 'BRJ Employment Centres' and participation in career fairs and events.
  • Find male and female job seekers with diverse skills, experience, academic qualifications and career goals.
  • Access to a captive talent pool of skilled youth enrolled with BRJ training programs.
  • More than a decade of experience placing job seekers with hundreds of employers, including leading local and regional companies and establishments.
  • Manage all of your manpower requirements online using simple tools and features.
  • Receive dedicated support to address your queries and concerns.


Be the “first stop” for unemployed, young men and women seeking jobs.

Create employable talent, not just jobs, by imparting skill training and providing career counselling.

Annual ReportAnnual Review 2015

BRJ helped generate more than 81,000 job opportunities in Saudi Arabia during the year 2015 – a 10% increase compared to 2014, achieving more than 51,000 direct employment hires. Find these and more statistical highlight insights and operational insights in our yearly overview.




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